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New York Jets LB Bart Scott Thinks the Talk of the NFL’s Pro Bowl Game Disappearing is Nonsense

When New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott has something to say, people listen. And for good reason.

The vocal Scott has often been the on-the-field embodiment of Rex Ryan‘s style of coaching, and includes a good quote every now and then.

Last month, Scott spoke candidly about the concerns about life after football, in the wake of the Junior Seau tragedy, and Scott did not waver when he was criticized for saying he would not let his son play football.

Scott dismissed the people who did not like what he had to say as people simply “sitting on their couch playing ‘Madden‘” and not thinking enough about the repercussions of such a dangerous game.

With player safety being emphasized, some have pointed to the NFL‘s All-Star game, the Pro Bowl, as an event that needs tweaking, both for safety reasons and because of fan interest.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced recently that next year’s Pro Bowl will still go on as planned, but that the future of the game is very much up in the air.

Well, that doesn’t sit well with Bart Scott, who made one Pro Bowl appearance, back in 2006 as a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

“It’s not up to [Goodell] to cancel the Pro Bowl,” said Scott. “It’s part of the fabric of football. It’s a day of celebration for everybody to get their families out. They’ve earned the right to be an All-Star.”

To those who say that the Pro Bowl isn’t a competitive football game, Scott rhetorically asked whether any major pro sports league have an All-Star game that does any better.

“Have you ever seen an All-Star game that was competitive?” Scott said, presumably with the NBA All-Star game in mind, a game that features very little defensive effort.

“It’s not really about the game. It’s about the festivities. It’s about fans getting the opportunity to be next to the players, to be there during the week to see the events that they do, to go to the children’s hospital to speak. The game is the cherry on top.”

Some want to see the NFL All-Star festivities continue, but without the game itself being played. But not Bart Scott. He likes that the game gets played, no matter how competitive and intense it is.

“Let [the All-Stars] get out there and put on a jersey or something,” Scott said. “I’m not going to blow a receiver up coming across the middle when it’s the off-season. You’re having fun. You don’t want to hurt anybody.”

Bart Scott certainly isn’t shy about sharing his opinions. More often than not, he’s usually got something worthwhile to say. After all, when Bart Scott talks, people listen for a reason.


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