Washington Redskins: Who's the Second MVP?

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I stumbled across an ABC7 News tweet last night saying, “If Robert Griffin III is the Washington Redskins’ most important player, who’s number two?” Apparently the station did a segment on that topic, and I must admit, I didn’t watch it. However, from the tweet, I thought it was a very interesting question.

When you think of “Most valuable player,” you’re talking about a guy that’s highly important to the team – almost irreplaceable. Of course, the first guy that comes to mind is team captain, London Fletcher. But personally, I don’t think he’s the second most important player to the Washington Redskins. There’s a lot of depth behind him, and beside him stands his protégé – Perry Riley. So, while the team would lose a vocal leader and a tremendous player, I don’t think the defense would stop functioning properly without him.

Another guy that comes to mind is Trent Williams. When you have a franchise quarterback, you need a franchise left tackle to keep the back of his shirt clean. In Trent, Washington has that, but he’s missed some time due to injuries and his suspension, yet the Redskins found a way to function without him each time.

So I dug deeper, and decided on a player that may not be so obvious – Barry Cofield. In my opinion, Barry was that unsung hero on defense last season. He stirred the pot. His production from the zero technique opens holes for the ILB’s and OLB’s, which in turn benefits the entire defense. Behind Cofield, Washington has second year player, Chris Nield – but is he really ready to man the middle if Cofield goes down?

With Jarvis Jenkins returning from his season ending injury, that allows Adam Carriker to move around a bit. He’s a guy that can also play nose tackle, however, I’m not sure if he’ll be the same factor that Barry Cofield is. As Cofield progresses, the defense will only get better, but without him it’s like removing the legs from a chair.

With that in mind, who do you believe is the Redskins’ second most important (valuable) player? Hit me up on twitter or leave a Rant (comment) with your answers.

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