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Arizona Cardinals Fans Boo Kevin Kolb at Fan Fest 2012

When the Arizona Cardinals signed Kevin Kolb to a hefty contract prior to the 2011 season following a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles that guaranteed the quarterback $21 million, they had high expectations for him to put up big numbers during the regular season–especially since he would be playing alongside one of the best receivers the NFL has to offer in Larry Fitzgerald. Obviously, that was far from the case as Kolb played in just nine games for the Cardinals–throwing just 1,955 yards to go along with nine touchdowns and eight interceptions.

With this in mind–fans in Arizona have every reason in the world to be frustrated with their supposed franchise quarterback and they weren’t afraid to express their feelings during the team’s “Fan Fest 2012″ that took place on Wednesday.

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As crazy as it sounds, fans have every right to be upset with Kolb considered he recorded just two of the team’s eight wins during the 2011 season as John Skelton helped the team pick up the other six. For a player earning as much money as Kolb is over the next couple of years, there’s no excuse for him not to produce anything but big numbers during the 2012 season.

Otherwise–Kolb may go down as one of the biggest and most costly mistakes the Cardinals have ever invested in.

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