Chicago Bears Cut Nathan Enderle

By alibud69

In a move I found to be the least surprising of the offseason, the Bears waived Nathan Enderle.

Let’s keep this brief and to the point, when you’re the 5th round pick of the ex-OC, who isn’t trusted to play a single regular season snap as the season spiralled completely out of control, your kind of surplus to requirements immediately.

I have heard nothing about this guy at all pretty much since he was drafted, even before the Bears signed undrafted free agent QB Matt Blanchard (probable candidate for the 8 man practise squad), Enderle was behind Josh McCown on the depth chart, who helped his cause for a roster spot earlier in the offseason by having a few training sessions with rookie Alshon Jeffery, to aid his transition into the NFL, before rookie training camp.

The Bears got rid of Martz, they got rid of his system, and thus Enderle who was only on the roster because of Martz in the first place was ALWAYS going to be waived.

As a result I expect the Bears depth chart to read Cutler, Campbell, McCown and Blanchard on the 8 man practise squad.

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