Washington Redskins Transactions Up To Par With NFC East

By Ricky Allen

It’s been a busy couple of months in transactions for the Washington Redskins. The only team busier was the Dallas Cowboys, by two.

However, the Redskins do lead in cuts while the NY Giants have only had two cuts in the past three months.  The Giants are also fourth in line when it comes to transactions.

However, the story this year has been all about the Washington Redskins and their acquisition of “The Thriller” Robert Griffin III.  This past week the Redskins finished up training and will not return until July, but the Shanahans are hyped about RGIII.

“’You get a guy this talented. It’s exciting, it pumps all the players up,” said offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen have both said in the past they were “impressed”. This is a good look because of the rocky relationship they had with Donovan McNabb.

Or shall I say, “He whose name must not be spoken”.

Washington and Dallas have one thing in common: This is a year of urgency.  Both teams have struggled.  I think when Jerry Jones looks over at the Redskins Nation, he’s concerned.  You don’t say things like this without a little worry in your voice:  “Well, my window is getting shorter. Time goes by…I do feel real pressure because we do have players not only in Tony Romo, but Jason Witten (and) DeMarcus Ware, to leave out several that are (also) in the prime of their career. And we need to strike and strike soon with those guys.”

Overall, the business of working the off season has been almost equal across the board for each team.  For the Redskins, it’s expected.  The Cowboys may be at a level of desperation. The Eagles are on the edge of possibly a complete remix or makeover, and the NY Giants are watching from a distance, looking to see who would dare attempt to take them down.






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