Is Jason Pierre-Paul better than Eli Manning?

By jason evans

The NFL Network’s Top 100 players list continued and Jason Pierre-Paul came in ranked at #24. He is the highest ranked member of the New York Giants at this point over quarterback Eli Manning who came in at #31. JPP is also the sixth member of Big Blue to crack the list. The question is, is JPP better at what he does than Eli at what he does?

The crazy thing is that this may be the low point for Pierre-Paul on this list. Pierre-Paul is just tapping into how good a player he can be which is good for the Giants and bad for every quarterback that isn’t Eli Manning. JPP might end up being the most dominating defensive presence on the defensive line in the NFL.

It’s so hard to compare players who don’t play the same position. Is an elite quarterback more important than an elite pass rushing defensive end? Probably. Since Eli and JPP play different positions, it’s so hard to quantify who the better football player is. This is also the list that didn’t have Eli in the top 100 going into last year. I think its great that the NFL and the players do a top 100 list based on what other players say however it’s hard to say who the better player is. I think Eli is more valuable to the team than JPP solely based on position.

 Julius Peppers came in two spots behind JPP. I think this argument is easier to quantify since the play the same position. These lists really don’t mean anything, however they spur debate which is fun and the most important part.

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