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Nick Fairley Apologized, But does Anyone Care to Believe Him

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Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley decided to apologize recently after another DUI charge and setback in a young career that seems to have gone down the wrong road thus far. Is this just a case of political posturing or pressure from Lions brass to clear up the public relations mess that has been the Detroit off-season?

Look, to be honest no fan believes any of these athletes anymore when they apologize for something. I think we all understand it is all a part of the damage control kit that organizations use with their players.

An athlete’s apology is right on par with a politician apologizing these days.

Fairley has been one of several of the young and resurgent Detroit Lions who has been busted this off-season. Lion’s offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath and the recently suspended running back Mikel Leshoure have also been busted. Charges have ranged from DUI to marijuana possession. Who do these Lions think they are?

I hope they do not think they are the Dallas Cowboys from years past. A team that was as full of much young talent on the field as it was with arrests off of it. Detroit does not want to become Dallas north. This is a team that seems to be on the up track, but actions of a select few players this off-season could put the full turnaround on hold.

I hope that these young Detroit Lions do not think that because the team finished 10-6 last season that the Detroit community is going to embrace them like Super Bowl Champions or something.

Detroit fans are not interested in players that are content or that could care less about the team reverting back to past years failures. By judging the Lions off the field the last few months it is obvious that the fix is in for Detroit to fall off a bit in 2012.

The excuses are already there for the team to explain its failures. Detroit fans aren’t stupid though. No excuse exists for players missing games due to DUI and marijuana possession.

Nick is a big talent with a lot of potential. He was a top five pick that fell to Detroit in the 2011 NFL Draft. Fairly is a big menacing guy at 6’2” and 300 pounds or so. If there is one that NFL players consider menacing or better yet intimidating it is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Let’s hope for Nick Fairley’s sake that Goodell does not drop the hammer on him “Thor” style and suspend him long term. If the Leshoure suspension tells us anything it is probably fair to say that Fairley will be suspended 2-4 games.

Fairley is not a bad guy, but it’s fair to say nobody really believes his apology. Actions speak louder than words of course.

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