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Andrew Luck Showing Ability to Fit with the Indianapolis Colts

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Andrew Luck has made himself known after his first minicamp session with the Indianapolis Colts earlier this week. The new team quarterback has already generated many fans and has so far impressed Indy with his ability to fit in with the team.

The Colts are looking to get a “Team-first” culture into their system and Luck has been demonstrating and cooperating it well.

“Let’s just say this: He is the genuine article,” head coach Ryan Grigson said. “He’s strong when he needs to be strong. He listens when he needs to listen. He’s just a natural. Nothing’s forced with him. He’s not afraid to take charge of the huddle. But also, if a college free agent from who-knows-where asks him a question, I believe he’ll take the time with that guy to explain it to him in a non-demeaning or condescending way, because he’s Andrew Luck.

“He epitomizes the word ‘team’ to me.”

The link is a good read over there at, they got some good stuff.

Luck is really showing himself as he could be the next big thing for Indy.

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