Tennessee Titans’ Safety Michael Griffin Hoping for Contract extension by July 15

By Stephanie Umek

Michael Griffin is taking the tag he was given very seriously, as he has yet to sign an agreement with the Tennessee Titans. He believes he is worth the chance that the Titans are willing to give him and told reporters that his job is “to play football”.

He firmly believes that he will be playing for Tennessee this upcoming season and so far has not missed any of the offseason program practices. He plans to attend training camp in July. Griffin told reporters, “I told my agent I want to be here for the offseason program, what not, so I get the same thing my teammates are getting. Plus being one of the older guys here being here for the leadership and being with my teammates.”

His teammates respect him for the decisions he is making, especially considering the fact that Griffin told his teammates what he was going to do after being claimed as the franchise tag player. Many fans are not happy with Griffin getting the tag, they wanted cornerback Cortland Finnegan to stay and be tagged. Griffin has a lot on his shoulders right now.

He is not one to make a big deal out of things though. And that is one thing that he said is different from himself and Finnegan. Griffin told reporters that he respects Finnegan as a player and a person but as a person himself, he is not as vocal or picky about what he gets. As of right now he is just enjoying his time playing football and being with his teammates.

I sure hope he is as humble as he sounds. I like Cortland but I see where everyone comes from with the amount that he wants. Getting $50 million over five years with the St. Louis Rams makes him one of the highest paid cornerbacks in the league. I am not saying that he doesn’t deserve it, because truly he is worth every penny. But the very first contract he was offered by Tennessee was not much lower than that. Maybe there are priority issues.

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