Former Philadelphia Eagles President Joe Banner "Laughing" About DeSean Jackson Deal

By Bryn Swartz

According to Boston Globe reporter Greg Bedard, former Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner said that he is “having a good laugh” about the contract that the Eagles signed wide receiver DeSean Jackson to this offseason.

Jackson was given the franchise tag following the 2011 season, virtually guaranteeing that he would stay with the Eagles for the 2012 season. A few weeks later, the team worked out a five-year, $51 million contract extension for him. The deal keeps him with the Eagles through the 2016 season, when he will be 30 years old.

Jackson caught just 58 passes for 961 yards and four touchdowns last season, easily the worst year of his four-year career in the National Football League. He missed a game against the Arizona Cardinals because he was suspended for missing a mandatory team meeting when his alarm failed to go off. The Eagles lost that game, 21-17, and it’s likely that they would not have lost if Jackson had been played.

Regardless, Jackson is a vital part of the Eagles’ franchise and his contributions will play a big role for the team over the next half decade.

The announcement that Banner wouldn’t have given Jackson the long-term contract shows that he may be severing his ties from the Philadelphia Eagles’ organization. I don’t know what else to think because it really doesn’t make sense to bash one of the more popular offseason decisions by the Eagles. I can only guess that Banner may be on his way out from the Eagles. Perhaps the rumors of Banner buying the Buffalo Bills are true.

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