For Cam Newton this Year's Job Description is to Win At All Costs

By Dave Daniels

Cam Newton was recently asked in what ways he has improved in the off-season.

“Just overall mechanics, team comraderie, and just the overall knowing of this offense,” Newton said. “There was a lot of times, you know I feel like I was guessing. But that can’t happen in this league, and sometimes it showed. Just having a whole understanding of the offense; it fits everybody the best.”

Cam Newton asked Ron Rivera this off-season how to avoid a sophmore slump, and his advice was simple: work hard.

“It just comes with understanding the offense. Knowing what Coach Chud wants and needs and executing the football play. Whether it’s a lineman assignment, getting somebody in the right place, or just knowing my overall read. That’s something that’s gonna have to improve. I feel like I’m making strides each and every day.”

Newton will not be shy either this year, with being a dual threat quarterback. Will he do whatever it takes on the field?

“In my job description, it says win at all costs. Whether handing the football off, whether carrying out fakes, whether running, whether blocking catching. I’m all for it. If it’s all about W in the win column and the Whatever coach tells me to do We also do have great talent on this offense, that it’s sometimes hard for a coach To feel like you have to get everybody the football. The likings of Steve Smith, Tolbert. That whole backfield is loaded. With DeAngelo and John. It’s gonna be exciting this year.”

If Newton is actually a better quarterback than last year, and it reflects that statistically, it will definitely be an exciting year for the Carolina Panthers.

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