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NFL Bounty Evidence Shows Amounts New Orleans Saints Players Made Against New York Giants

The New Orleans Saints rocked the NFL world when it was released to the public that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was running a bounty program with his defense. The NFL alleged that players were funding these bounties, which were rewards for big hits and taking guys out of games.

At the player’s request, the NFL has released the evidence they have against the players and coaches involved. Much of it is disturbing, but it is infuriating when I see a picture of the amount of money each player received after a 2009 game with the New York Giants. In this packet of evidence is a similar picture of the payouts for the players against the Miami Dolphins.

This is just sickening and I hope Williams is never allowed to coach in the NFL again. I mean I can see rewarding players under the table for causing fumbles or getting interceptions. That doesn’t even bother me at all, even if the NFL does consider it illegal for coaches to add monetary incentives on the side. What bothers me is Williams advocating hurting other players. NFL players already have the mind state to punish opposing players with big hits, do they really need more incentive to do so?

I remember this game, and the Giants took several punishing hits that game, but none was more upsetting than when Hakeem Nicks got drilled coming across the middle. He had to be helped off the field, and the Saints players were celebrating.

I never thought the player punishments were too harsh, but I hope Williams gets what is coming to him. At the moment he is on “indefinite leave,” hopefully that turns into a life time ban.


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