NFL Rumors: LeSean McCoy May See Time at Wide Receiver

By Emmanual Benton

Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles are apparently reaching into their back-pocket and pulling out tricks from the past. LeSean McCoy could have his own version of the “Brian Westbrook package” in 2012, being sent out as almost a flanker receiver.

Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and Andy Reid want to expand McCoy’s opportunities to touch the football, without the every-down wear and tear that comes with the territory of being a premier running back. The 24 year old running back just recently inked a fresh $45 million contract extension with Philly – securing a back who has just hit his prime.

Andy Reid has made it clear this off-season, he doesn’t want to “over-use” LeSean McCoy. Bringing in a few running backs this off-season to help spare LeSean throughout the season was a priority. Although, Andy Reid has never been too fond of back-up running backs. By attempting not to “over-use” McCoy as a running back, you also don’t want to overly limit his touches. Therefore, Reid believes the idea of splitting McCoy out-wide could be the perfect plan.

With Brian Westbrook, the Eagles used him as a receiver a lot. Andy Reid has never been a “ground and pound” guy anyway, but keeping a balance between running and passing is important.

LeSean McCoy has good hands, and produced in the passing game especially in 2010. However, in ’10 McCoy had 78 receptions and 207 carries – in ’11 he carried the ball 66 more times than the year prior, but his receptions decreased by 30. McCoy managed to gain over 1,000 yards in ’10, but with 66 more carries in 2011 he gained 1,309 yards and 17 touchdowns, finishing with the 4th most yards in the league. So Reid and Mornhinweg will have to pick their poison with this one. While it’s a great idea to split McCoy out wide a few times each game – limiting his carries takes away from his overall production.

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