NFL Rumors: Santana Moss' Job is Safe With the Washington Redskins

By Emmanual Benton

The Washington Redskins challenged Santana Moss to lose weight this off-season, come into camp faster, and to lead a group of young receivers. It became obvious a little over a month ago that Moss was up to the challenge, and in camp, he knocked it out the park.

Santana Moss’ job was in jeopardy this off-season, but it now appears that he’s safe. Kyle Shanahan is typically more straight forward than his father, so when he called Santana one of the “premier” slot receivers in the league, it came across highly sincere.

Santana was one of the stars in the OTA’s and mini-camps. On a team that has a ton of youth at the wide receiver position, it was important for him to shine and prove he can be the Moss of old. Losing 15 pounds has helped Santana regain his speed, which should help him produce from the slot position.

The arrival of Robert Griffin III definitely rejuvenated him, though you’ll be hard-pressed to get Santana to admit that. Moss has tried to channel his excitement, but in a recent interview he talked about how his experience with RG3 has been- “When I saw him throw, I was like… yea he’s that dude.”

Kyle Shanahan eluded to Pierre Garcon being the team’s #1 wide receiver this season. With the addition of Josh Morgan and 2nd year receiver, Leonard Hankerson returning from injury, this position could have great depth. Santana, Pierre, Josh, and Hank plan on joining RG3 within the next few weeks. Building that chemistry is important and will benefit the offense when it’s time to officially strap-up.

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