Should Green Bay Packers Allow Johnny Jolly Back If Reinstated?

Former Green Bay Packers defensive end Johnny Jolly is out of jail, sober, and looking for the NFL to give him another chance on the gridiron.

Jolly applied for reinstatement with the NFL on Tuesday and hopes Commissioner Roger Goodell will allow him to once again play the sport he loves. The 29-year-old was indefinitely suspended by the league after multiple arrests for possession of codeine, including an incident outside of a night club. He sat in jail for six months and was released early in order to use shock probation.

The former defensive lineman has not played in the NFL since 2009 and has probably kicked himself repeatedly for missing the Packers incredible Super Bowl run. There is no doubt Jolly was a huge part of Green Bay’s defense and many fans thought there was no way the pass rush would survive without his talents. However, the Packers proved they could play without him and, if reinstated, Jolly will have to show he is worth the comeback.

Green Bay still owns the rights to Jolly, which means if Goodell decides to restore his eligibility then the Packers will have to decide his fate. When he was asked if Green Bay would give him a second chance he certainly sounded optimistic.

“I think they would,” Jolly said. “I am dedicated to really make a change in my life and come back and be a positive role model. I think I have a great shot at going back to those guys. They’re a great organization. The coaches are very good, the players are good. I know they have supported me 100 percent.

“I want to say that would be a dream come true, but I made it in the NFL before. So, I would say it would be like another dream. It would be a journey and going back to do the things I love and showing everybody you can make mistakes but it’s the way you correct the things you’ve done wrong. I want to make the Packers look good if they want to take me back or not.”

Most people would say to release him but there are a few factors to consider. Green Bay could use another defensive end considering Anthony Hargrove and Mike Neal are suspended eight and four games respectably. Also, the Packers have rookies Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels who will be forced to play more than they were originally intended to, but with Jolly on the team, they could learn from an old professional.

Jolly may not be in football shape but he is certainly in shape enough to get through camp. He was allowed to work out two to three times a day in jail and will be taking drug tests and going to meetings in order to help with his sobriety.

If given another chance with the NFL and the Packers, I believe Jolly would prove his worth and be a huge asset for the team. After everything he has dealt with the past three years it is highly unlikely he will fall off the wagon again, at least not until he is out of the league. Jolly could be an inspiration to others and help people who are unable to help themselves.

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  • John Zoul

    Well, let’s see…For the Packers to take im backthere probably wuld have to be a number of conditions..Number one:He mve ou of Houston were all his good old drug buddies lie…Number two:Twice a week psychologist meetins for at least a year, is head isobviously messed-up…nd Nmb three:A new contrac, minimu wage scale…and NumberFour:Get him a tritionis a ersonal traner forsix monhs..if that could be worked-out, let’s see if he stil as it. Keep h utt out fTexs ad saywarm Codeine!!

  • Woodie miller

    Of course give Johnny Jolly a chance to come back!
    If the NFL can give 2nd chances to Mike Vick (dog killer), Ray Lewis (had ties to someone murdering someone in a club) & Ben Rothlesberger (accused not once but twice of rape) can get multiple chances, then why not Johnny Jolly? At least he never hurt anybody but himself with his illegal activities!
    Jerry Glanville once said that the NFL stood for Not For Long, or others have proclaims it stands for No fun League, I however think it needs updated to No Felon Leftout!