NFL Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Have Room to Move Up in NFL Power Rankings

Ron Rivera and Cam Newton may like their initial position in the RantSports NFL< Power Rankings for one reason; they have plenty of room to move up.

The Carolina Panthers are ranked 18th currently sitting behind the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons.

The NFC South is generally up for grabs every year, and this year is no different. The Falcons will be making a strong push for the top spot, and the Saints will try to put themselves back together after a truly tumultuous off-season.

The Carolina Panthers finished last year on a strong note and a 4-2 finish, but they began the year with a lackluster start losing 5 out of their first 6 despite Cam Newton’s rookie brilliance.

The Panthers added Mike Tolbert to an already explosive offense, Cam Newton has reportedly improved “through the roof”, and they shouldn’t have a problem scoring 25 to 30 points a game.

The real question mark is on the defensive end, where the Panthers struggled last year; they were ravaged by injuries at the start of last season. If John Beason and Ron Edwards can return successfully from injury and rookie Luke Kuechly can show the world the tackling machine(led FBS in tackles last 2 seasons) that he is, then we could be looking at an intriguing defense.

If the Panthers can rank in the middle of the NFL in defense this year, then the Panthers could finish with 9 or 10 wins and a chance to make the Playoffs.