Chicago Bears: CM3 reaches out to Matt Forte and Percy Harvin

By alibud69

In a crime punishable by death, Clay Matthews III reached out to Matt Forte of Chicago Bears and Percy Harvin of Minnesota Vikings, on twitter earlier today the message read as follows:

Clay Matthews III ‏@ClayMatthews52
Hey @Percy_Harvin, @MattForte22… Got a spare room w/ a bunkbed if interested?? #roomies

Okay so death is an overreaction, but I am not a fan of a guy from our biggest rivals the Green Bay Packers, playing matey-matey, happy family with the Chicago Bears running back. I respect the Packers immensely, I do respect what Aaron Rodgers is capable of, you have to be a fool not to recognise he and the Packers Offense are one of the best in the NFL, a ring and a conference final appearance in 2 straight seasons speaks for itself, it’s a well run franchise, and I am not here to meathead this up by cursing the ground they walk on, but inter-franchise communication in a jokey way frankly aggravates the hell out of me.

Now before I get it in the ear for being a kill joy, in no way am I implying that these guys won’t bring their best come the season, when records and playoff spots are on the line, but I am a firm believer in you stick to your side of the fence and I will stick to mine. Leave the banter and casual insults to the fans, many (including myself) already think CM3 is overrated, do yourself a favour chap, don’t give me more reason to despise you.

I mean its clear the Vikings are in trouble, they are one of the worst teams in the league, and Harvin rocking a boat full of holes sure as hell isn’t going to help the matter, they have little hope of beating the Bears, Packers or Detroit Lions in any of the divisional games, but their fans don’t want to read this type of garbage either.

Personally I hope the Bears tie up the Forte contract, and he sends his answer, straight through CM3, come week 2 on Thursday night football!!

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