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Clinton Portis Would be ‘Cool’ With Retiring

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Clinton Portis did an interview on 1067 The Fan today and spoke about whether he’s decided to retire or not. “If things happen then cool, if not, that’s cool too,” he said.

Portis, 30, was released by the Washington Redskins in 2011 after an eventful, yet successful 9-year career (7 with the Redskins). He ranks second in franchise history in rushing yards (6,824), rushing attempts (1,667) and rushing touchdowns (46).

As Redskins’ Owner, Daniel Snyder said after CP’s release: “Clinton Portis provided excitement from the very first time he touched the ball as a Redskin and we were lucky to witness every ounce of energy, effort and passion he has given ever since. He will always be a Redskin and go down as one of the franchise’s all-time greats.”

Portis had a few try-outs last year with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans. I had a chance to talk to Clinton during last year’s lockout, and he said the New England Patriots were highly interested in him. The team did try him out, however, Clinton was simply physically unable to showcase the skill-set we all were accustomed to seeing.

The running back battled injuries and “father time” during his final few seasons with the Redskins. Portis had only 13 total starts between the ’09 and ’10 season. It was clear that Portis had lost his burst and ability to make efficient cuts.

In 2010, Clinton reunited with the coach who traded him from the Denver Broncos to the Redskins after the ’03 season. Mike Shanahan challenged Clinton to get in shape, and to fully commit himself to the team – and he did. I remember watching Clinton in ’10 training camp, helping the other backs in camp with pass protection and becoming more “reserved” with his personality. However, time was not on his side, and the years of wear and tear settled in. It’s tough for any player to walk away from football, especially the guys that sincerely love the game. Clinton was that kind of guy.

Whatever decision Clinton makes, I wish him all the success in his after-football life. He was a character, but he’s Washington’s character. Clinton will always and forever be a Washington Redskin.

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