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NFL Rumors: NY Giants, Jeremy Shockey to Reunite? Get Real.

A report popped up this week that tight end Jeremy Shockey had somehow reached out to the New York Giants, apparently inquiring about a perceived need at his old position.

He wants his old job back? After presumably exhausting his free agency options, he thought the Giants would be sitting by the phone, anxious for his call?

Yeah, right.

First of all, the Giants don’t need anymore tight ends. As of now, you can probably pencil in either Travis Beckum or ex-Dallas Cowboys free agent Martellus Bennett as the No. 1, the other being the No. 2. Then there are Bear Pascoe and practice-squad vet Christian Hopkins. The Giants like Hopkins’ upside and have a soft spot for Pascoe, who filled in admirably, of slightly over-matched, at fullback last year. Hopkins comes from the Kevin Boss-Jake Ballard factory and there has been hushed excitement over what he may be able to do.

There’s rookie Adrien Robinson, who someone called “the JPP of tight ends.” That’s Jason Pierre-Paul to you and me. Soon, but not just yet, Robinson could very well show up as the most athletic receiving tight end the Giants have had in a long time, including Beckum, who has sure hands but never seems to be open, ready, healthy or trusted by quarterback Eli Manning.

Heck, the Giants even have Ryan Purvis and Larry Donnell, young vets looking for a job, which would likely be on the practice if anything.

Back to Shockey, who burned his bridges with the Giants years ago, had marginal success with the New Orleans Saints and, in case you missed it, a short and uneventful stint with the Carolina Panthers.

The only former Giant with a worse chance at coming back is Tiki Barber, and that was never going to happen. You could expect Plaxico Burress in Giants camp long before Shockey would ever return. That won’t happen, either.

So, where does this non-story go? Probably nowhere. Even if the Giants were desperate for a tight end, there would be other calls to make. Signing Shockey would be akin to giving an old friend a courtesy, a charitable move with no future. And, since we last saw and heard Shockey griping about Manning, slighting the coaches and sitting in the press box during Super Bowl XLII in a t-shirt and swigging a beer instead of working the sidelines and trying to offer Boss some sage advice, it’s almost impossible to imagine general manager Jerry Reese being even marginally interested. No, it’s impossible.