Percy Harvin Will Not Be Traded; Still Needs to Prove Himself

By Andrew Fisher

When news broke Wednesday of Percy Harvin requesting a trade from the Minnesota Vikings, my initial reaction was shock. Then after I thought about it for a minute, I realized it was pretty far from shocking.

Percy Harvin certainly has anything but a clean track record when it comes to “character issues.” Rumors have always swirled about his actions during his time at the University of Florida, but his entire career with Minnesota has been incident free up to this point.

So it begs the question, have these “issues,” been brewing for quite some time with the Vikings?

The exact root of his trade demand is unknown, but money is rumored to be a part, as well as some other differences with the organization.

I frankly just hate to see this. It’s so disappointing that after 3 years, and the team counting on him more than ever, that he chooses now to be a problem. I’m just going to have a real hard time understanding Harvin’s behavior, if this is just over money and some minor disagreeances with management.

If he’s dealing with a serious personal issue, that’s another story, and much more understandable.

The one thing I hope Harvin realizes, is that he means more to the Vikings than he would for any other team. His level of play on the field, will directly correlate to the level of success for the team. He is their No.1 receiver, they have to have him on the field to make any noise this season.

Maybe Harvin realizes what he means to the team, and therefore feels he’s under appreciated, and under paid? Very plausible scenario.

I understand that, I get that, but I will point out one thing. Harvin has never even reached 1,000 yards receiving in a season, and the most touchdowns he’s had in one season is 6.

Those numbers really don’t deserve a raise, especially when he’s already due to make nearly $2.5 million over the final two years of his rookie deal.

The Vikings have said they are not going to trade Harvin, and to that I say, good. Harvin hasn’t earned the right to complain about anything in the NFL. I personally don’t think he’s a No. 1 receiver, and on most teams he wouldn’t be. He should be thankful to have an opportunity to prove himself as one with the Vikings.

Hopefully this situation is resolved quickly, and Harvin is in full participation at training camp, but I doubt it…

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