Ron Wolf Calls Brett Favre the Best Green Bay Packers Player of All-Time

By Kevin Van Pelt

Former Green Bay Packers General Manager Ron Wolf has come out and said that Brett Favre is the greatest Packers player ever to wear the green and gold.

“To me, Brett Favre and I are like connected at the hips,” Wolf told the Green Bay Press Gazette last week. “I feel strong loyalty to Brett Favre. When I got here, Don Huston was the greatest player ever to play for the Green Bay Packers. I think everybody will tell you now, the greatest player ever to play for the Packers is Brett Favre. That’s his legacy.”

Now Wolf himself even admits that his opinion may be biased since Favre is the main reason for Wolf’s success when he was the GM. With that being said, Favre is definitely one of, if not the best, Packer in history. It has been a few years since his retirement debacle and most fans are probably ready to take a step back and put in perspective where he ranks in Green Bay history.

Favre won a Super Bowl once while collecting three MVP’s during his time as a Packer. He was the key player in helping the turnaround in the early 90s after some disappointing years. He was a gunslinger to the end which made fans cringe at times, but for the most part made fans smile and enjoy the game of football.

The likes of Bart Starr, who won five total titles, Reggie White and Ray Nitschke are just some of the other names that would be mentioned as the greatest Green Bay players ever. I never got to see Bart Starr play, so in my lifetime I would have to agree that Favre is the best Packers player that I have ever seen.

Also, Favre and Reggie White were probably the two most exciting players to watch on the same team on opposite sides of the ball. The Packers’ team of the 90s were very exciting to watch on both offense and defense. While excitement doesn’t always translate to being the best, those two were the best at their respective positions.

As for the history of the franchise, that is up for discussion. With the way Aaron Rodgers career has started, he may be in the discussion by the time his career is over. Who do you think is the best Packers player of all time?


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