San Diego Chargers Underrated In NFL Power Rankings ; A Good Thing

By Shane Anderson

In the latest NFL Power Rankings released by, an off season power ranking done by a collaboration of writers, the San Diego Chargers came in at a poultry No. 19.  This ranking, even lower than several other power rankings out there, may be just what the Chargers need to have a successful season in 2012.

Each of the past few seasons the Chargers have been a popular pick to make it to the Super Bowl, the passed two years they have left many fans and experts disappointed by missing out on the playoffs each year.  While San Diego has had more offseason activity than previous ones, the team, in my opinion appears to be improved over the previous squads.

With a highly successful free agency and picking up some impact rookies the Bolts are on the right track.  In Free Agency they added Jarrett Johnson, LeRon McClain, and Robert Meachem amongst others.  In the draft they picked up some immediate contributors namely in Melvin Ingram, Kendall Reyes, and Brandon Taylor.  Yes the team lost Vincent Jackson and Marcus McNeil, however, looking at the talent top to bottom, there’s little argument that the talent level has not increased from 2011 to 2012.

That being said, how much do preseason power rankings really matter?  Not a whole lot.  Nonetheless, the Chargers are no longer the popular pick to win the AFC West.  This could bode very well for them and allow them to be playing for something instead of backing their way to a division title.  The conference as a whole has picked up the competition, and if the Bolts want to return to the playoffs they’ll have to prove they have what it takes in 2012.

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