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St. Louis Rams Ranked Too Low In NFL Power Rankings

This time of year is loaded with expectations for all 32 teams in the NFL, but those expectations aren’t always positive. For the St. Louis Rams, the last five years have been a nightmare with the team winning just 15 games during that stretch. Still this year should bring some optimism as the club has a new coaching staff as well as a revamped roster in many areas.

NFL power rankings
have been coming out of the woodwork with everyone and their brother believing that they can predict the future for the NFL in 2012. Rant Sports decided to do their own addition of these prognostications and the Rams ranked a disappointing 30th out of the 32 teams. Even the Indianapolis Colts inexplicably came in ahead of the Rams in this evaluation.

While the Rams’ track record doesn’t suggest the team is ready to turn the corner, ranking them at number 30 is quite an insult. With a young and developing quarterback in Sam Bradford who will have plenty of new weapons to work with this year and a defense that is also wet behind the ears but plenty hungry, this team is poised to surprise some people in 2012.

Clearly the disrespect is warranted in some regards given the team’s recent ineptitude, but this is a new regime with the Rams. This year is going to be different and even here at Rant Sports the team is still being overlooked. Don’t sleep on the Rams this year and be caught wondering where this surprise team came from like the rest of the media. The Rams should be ranked somewhere between 20-25 on the fringe of the postseason contenders for the year ahead.

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