New York Jets Ranked 20th in Offseason Edition of Official Rant Sports 2012 NFL Power Rankings

With the 2012 NFL Draft in the rear-view mirror and training camp on the horizon, Rant Sports has released their 2012 NFL Power Rankings, offseason edition.

After a tumultuous end to their 2011 season, the New York Jets have fallen all the way to 20th overall in the 32-team rankings.

Many Jets fans may take umbrage with that, considering the improvements the Jets have made on all facets of the team this offseason, but there’s no doubt that they have a lot to prove.

A ranking of 20 out of 32, which is essentially calling the Jets a below-average football team, is an opportunity for Rex Ryan (above, left) and Tony Sparano (above, right) to prove the critics wrong.

Under Ryan’s tenure as head coach, the Jets have excelled as underdogs (in 2009) and with expectations significantly high, (in 2010) and last season was the first time they really failed in Ryan’s three seasons here.

2012 will be a year of redemption for the New York Jets. While the NFL Power Rankings here on Rant Sports may seem harsh right now, there is a strong opportunity to turn people into believers.

People can sleep on the Jets, if they want to. That’s their prerogative. However, a motivated Rex Ryan is something I would never bet against. Not now, not ever.

Opposing coaches around the league know very well how dangerous the Jets can be, with a ferocious defense that can square up with the best of them, and a young budding offense ready to take flight at any moment.


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