Santana Moss in 'Awe' of Robert Griffin III's Arm in a Interview With OCNN

By Emmanual Benton

The Ochocinco News Network (OCNN) spotted Washington Redskins’ receiver, Santana Moss in his home town – Miami, and talked to him about his QB, Robert Griffin III. OCNN, of course, is Chad Ochocinco’s media network. Tana is one of Chad’s close friends. They and a group of receivers train together in Miami every off-season. Ocho now has the privilege of staying in the South Beach area, now that he’s a Miami Dolphin.

Moss says he’s just “Chilling right now” and trying to just relax his mind until training camp begins in 5 weeks. Santana is a pretty even-keel guy, but you can sense his excitement when OCNN asked him about Robert Griffin III:

“A  lot of hype going around about who he is and what he’s gonna bring to our team. You know, who he was in college – he did some tremendous things on the field, both with his legs and his arms. Watching him, we’ve been waiting for that guy to take over and give us that playoff berth, give us that championship. We as players have to be together with him for him to bring us that success we’re looking for. We just can’t say, that’s our guy, he’s gonna do everything. I think as a team collectively, we have to go out there and help him be that guy for us. I feel like he’s that guy for us. He’s gonna get it done. Because when you think of his mental, the way he approach the game mentally is how he prepares himself. He’s not a guy that’s just gonna come in there, and be in and out. He’s a guy that’s gonna sit around there, and know what we got going on. As an offense and as a receiver – quarterback relationship, and just making sure we’re on the same tone. When it’s all said and done and it all pops off, you’ll be able to see what I’m talking about.”

OCNN brought up the Leonard Hankerson torn glove, and this was the first time Tana has spoke about it since seeing the picture:

“He (RG3) has a nice ball. He can take a little off of it if he wants to. He’s one of those guys that always have that ball that you say (explicit) it’s always coming hard. He has a ball that, it comes the way it needs to come. If he has to squeeze it in there, he’s gonna throw it hard and fast. If he has time and you open, he’ll give it to you softly. That’s the luxury of having a guy like that. That’s something receivers love. A couple days ago, we were going against our first team defense, and he was pressured and he zipped one to Pierre Garcon and I was just in awe about it. Like man, he got it out there so quick. We’re really enjoying it right now, just seeing what this guy can bring to us, and I’m just looking forward to more.”

Everyone expects RG3 to have major success early due to the recent track record of rookie QB’s. So OCNN asked Santana, can he put up Cam Newton numbers? Tana answered by saying, “that’s the thing everyone wants to see.” OCNN elaborated – that’s the expectation. Andy Dalton got them to the playoffs with the Bengals, Cam Newton did his thing. With RG3, people are expecting no less.

“All he can be is himself,” said Santana. “Like now, it’s hard to say what he’s gonna do. I think he has the ability. As a team, we have to go out there, play with him, and make sure that we give him that opportunity for him to put up those numbers. But I feel like he has the ability to do that.”

I’m excited, Santana is excited – we’re all excited about the direction this franchise is headed in. I’m extremely happy for the guys who’ve been here for a few years, and have had to endure Washington’s struggles at the QB position. They finally have a guy they can rally behind and go into battle with.

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