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St. Louis Rams Should Trade For Percy Harvin

When rumors surfaced of Minnesota Vikings‘ wide receiver Percy Harvin wanting a trade and refusing to show up to the first day of mandatory mini-camp, the St. Louis Rams’ front office had to immediately consider the idea of trading for the disgruntled pass catcher. While the Rams did land a pair of solid wideouts with potential in April’s NFL Draft, landing a proven commodity like Harvin is a proposition so tantalizing that quarterback Sam Bradford may have soiled himself at the very thought of it.

The organization has quite the stockpile of draft picks to wheel and deal with after the Washington Redskins trade a few months ago in exchange for the rights to draft Robert Griffin III. Using some later picks in a

Bradford has yet to ever have a game-breaking deal for Harvin would make a lot of sense on so many levels.receiver at his disposal in the NFL and with a player as explosive as Harvin, the Rams could take the top off of defenses instantly. That would in turn open up running room for Steven Jackson and appease his desire for a deep threat as he expressed earlier in the offseason.

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman addressed the issue saying: “We drafted Percy Harvin here. He’s a key part of our organization. He’s a key part of our football team. Any issues that are out there or reported, we always handle those internally and continue to handle those internally.” He also said the team has “no interest” in trading Harvin.

Harvin on the other hand doesn’t feel as welcome with the Vikes as he said: “I just put it this way, there’s a lot of different things that have to be sorted out. Just haven’t been really happy lately. We’ve got a couple of things to work on. I’m here in the classroom. We’ll go from there.” His versatility is vital to Minnesota as last year he put up 87 receptions for 967 yards along with nine total touchdowns (six receiving, two rushing, and one on a kick return). Harvin also ran for 345 yards last year.

While dreams of the Rams landing Harvin may be far-fetched, the more unhappy he becomes, the more likely it is that the Vikes will change their tune on dealing him. With the hoard of draft choices that the Rams possess, they could easily make some noise and entice the Vikings into making a trade.

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