Arian Foster Reaches #1 In ESPN Fantasy Football Rankings

By Chris Shelton

Now that the NBA Finals have ended it is time to transfer our sports viewership to the NFL. A quick turnaround for sure but that’s the nature of the beast.

For many NFL fans, that includes Fantasy Football, which allows those not talented enough to play football professionally to connect to players on another level.

It also gives fans a reason to watch every game.

For Houston Texan fans you don’t need to venture far to decide who to draft.

ESPN recently released their fantasy football rankings. The Houston Texans were prevalent among the list. They had three players in the top 100.

I’m sure that you can guess which Texans made the list.

If healthy, the Texans have a very talented trio who could outscore almost any grouping on a given night.

Their biggest fantasy stud is Arian Foster. A healthy Foster will score more points than any other player in the league.

He can affect the game in so many ways. He is effective as a pass catcher off of screens and leaking out of the backfield. Most of all he has soft hands. That separates Foster from other great rushers.

Matt Schaub, I think, is undervalued on this list. He’s ranked 86th. Coming off of an injury plagued season I understand the hesitancy to pull the trigger on Schaub. If I can draft Schaub in the eight round of a 10-team league I will be happy.

Andre Johnson is overvalued. The ESPN analysts ranked him 11th. Johnson is still a top flight receiver but he was never a touchdown machine because he’s not as effective around the end zone as other top talents at the receiver position.

All in all, the Texans have a great trio. One of the best in the league in fact. I’d draft Foster first but you may disagree. I’m just glad the debate has begun.

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