In the Court Of Public Opinion Jerry Sandusky Is Guilty

By Akiva Goldenberg

According to ESPN on June 22nd of 2012  Joe Amendola, the attorney for Jerry Sandusky, said he would  “die of a heart attack” if his client would be acquited of all the charges put against him. This only confirms that in the court of public opinion Sandusky is guilty.

Jerry Sandusky is the bain of Penn States existence. The man has tarnished the reputation of the university’s longest tenured employee, Joe Paterno, and damaged one of the best college brands in the country. He did it by allegedly sexually molesting young boys.

We know for a fact that there is more than enough evidence against Sandusky. For example there’s the mother of Victim 6 who literally told Sandusky that she didn’t want him spending time in the showers with her boy and asked Sandusky to promise he would never do the same thing with any other boys. With the police listening, unbeknownst to Sandusky, the former longtime assistant football coach said he would not promise that.

To add more fuel to the speculative fire one of Sandusky’s adopted sons, Matt Sandusky, came out, through an attorney, and declared that he was sexually molested by his adopted father. There’s also the testimony of former assistant coach Mike McQueary, who witnessed Sandusky forcing a young boy into a heinous sexual act, and statements made by 10 different victims.

Regardless of what the jury rules in the trial of Jerry Sandusky, he is truly guilty in the opinion of the public. People will never look at him the same and he will receive death threats for the rest of his life. If he ends up in prison he will draw the attention of every non-pedophile in that prison, and consequently will have to worry about attempts by others to end his life.

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