Reasserting their home dominance in 2012 could be a difficult task for the San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers were a dominant team at home from 2006-2010.  The Chargers had a combined record of 32-8 during this five year period.  San Diego was 5-3 at home during the 2011 NFL season.  San Diego’s eight home games in 2012 are against teams that had a combined 34-30 record on the road in 2011.  Their home schedule will start with a week two game against the Tennessee Titans who were 4-4 on the road in 2011.  The Atlanta Falcons, who were 4-4 on the road in 2011, will come to San Diego in week three.

The Lightning Bolts will begin their first home game against a division rival when the Denver Broncos come to town in week six. Denver was 5-3 on the road last season.  San Diego will face the Kansas City Chiefs in week nine and K.C. was 4-4 on the road in 2011. The Chargers will have AFC North foes coming to San Diego in weeks 12 and 13 as they will play the Baltimore Ravens and the Cincinnati Bengals. Baltimore was 4-4 on the road in 2011 while Cincinnati was 5-3.  Finally, San Diego will face the Carolina Panthers and the Oakland Raiders in weeks 15 and 17.  Carolina was 3-5 on the road in 2011 while Oakland was 5-3.

San Diego beat Kansas City 20-17 at home last year, beat Baltimore 34-14, lost 24-17 against Oakland and 16-13 against Denver. These teams will have a different outlook in 2012 thanks to free agency, the 2012 draft and the return of inured players. Atlanta added former Pro Bowl cornerback Asante Samuel, and Denver added one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history by signing Peyton Manning. Kansas City will have 2010 All-Pro running back Jamaal Charles and  2010 Pro Bowl strong safety Eric Berry who combined to miss 29 games in 2011.  Oakland RB Darren McFadden missed nine games last season including both against San Diego, and he was fourth in the NFL in rushing yards per game in 2011.  San Diego added Melvin Ingram and Kendall Reyes in the draft to improve on a pass rush that was tied for 23rd in sacks last season among NFL teams.  Outside linebacker Jarret Johnson and strong safety Atari Bigby were added through free agency to help a run defense that ranked 20th last season.  Tennessee, Atlanta, Denver, Baltimore and Cincinnati finished with winning records and or made the playoffs in 2011.  Kansas City did not have Charles and Berry in their 20-17 loss against the Chargers last season. I expect San Diego to have a 5-3 or 6-2 home record in 2012 with their losses coming against two or three of these teams.






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  • Matty D

    “Kansas City did not have (Jamaal) Charles and (Eric) Berry in their 20-17 loss against the Chargers last season.”

    KC also didn’t have Tony Moeaki, Eric Winston, Stanford Route, Peyton Hillis, Kevin Boss or Rodney Hudson (last year’s 2nd round draft pick at OC). They also effectively didn’t have last year’s 1st round draft pick in WR, Jonathan Baldwin who missed most of the season with a broken hand.

    That’s NINE players starting or making significant contributions to this year’s KC roster which weren’t there last year. Not to mention the addition of a real 3-4 NT for the first time since Scott Pioli arrived.

    When a team which went 7-9 the previous year upgrades nearly HALF the starters on their roster in the off-season, the rest of their division would be wise to standup and take notice. You think the 2010 KC Chiefs looked pretty good going 10-6?

    That was a team of absolute scrubs compared to what they’ll be fielding this year.

    • Kenny Gardner

      Antonio Gates also missed that game for San Diego. Hillis is very good one year and inconsistent the next year. The reason I just included Charles and Berry are due to them being game changers on a consistent basis. Both teams made off-season moves to improve because San Diego added Bigby, Johnson, Ronnie Brown. Eddie Royal will help improve San Diego’s punt return game which was horrible in 2011 and they made moves to improve their offensive line as well as signing McClain to block for Mathews. The loss of Jackson is significant, but Meachem will be a much better replacement than Naanee was when Jackson missed 11 games in 2010 and Rivers led the NFL in passing yards. Hudson played in all 16 games. Baldwin missed five games, that’s not most of the season, but I gave K.C. a lot of credit in previous articles and I expect them to win the division

  • Robert Cruit

    Oh you think the Chiefs are going to win “the Division” Huh! I think the chargers will have something to say about that happening. The Western Division is a lot stonger Division this season. So the Division is up for graps and i do hope that my Team The Chargers will be right in there in the mix and come out of it with the win..

    • Kenny Gardner

      The division was definitely up for grabs last season because Denver won it with an 8-8 record and K.C. finished in last with a 7-9 record. Every team in the West had injuries as well, but K.C. had more significant ones, horrible QB play and still finished one game out. It could be up for grabs again like last year and in 2010 when K.C. finished 10-6, SD finished 9-7 and Oakland was 8-8