NFL Rumors: Washington Redskins: Kim Kardashian Eyeing RG3? Oh No

Reports are surfacing  Kim Kardashian, who has extensive history with such names as Reggie Bush, Ray-J, and Kris Humphries, has now spotted Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III. Bear in mind this is the same person that also tried to set up a date with Tim Tebow.  

Oh no.  Shields up, maximum range.

The Washington Post reported  that 30 Rock executive producer Jack Burditt, who was on the Rich Eisen Podcast Kardashian was taping the season finale of that show in April when she happened to catch a glimpse of Griffin, who had just been taken No. 2 by the Redskins but had managed to make the live 30 Rock taping.

The  following series of events may not be for the faint of heart or for those with sensitive stomachs, because Kim knows little to nothing about football. Therefore you’ve been warned:

“She sat next to me while we were watching the show on the monitor and RGIII is a few seats down, and during the commercial break she starts asking me questions about him,” Burditt said. “Like, ‘Now he’s a football player, right?’ I’m like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And [Kardashian asks] ‘And he just…something big happened, right?’ And I’m like, well yeah, he just was the No. 2 overall pick tonight. [Kardashian asks] ‘And what team?’ Washington. [Kardashian asks] ‘What’s Washington?’ Redskins. She goes, ‘I don’t know much about football, but, so what’s his deal?’ And I’m thinking, you stay away from him. This is a nice young man.”

The “Kardashian Effect” runs as follows: 1. Breaking news, you’re dating Kim Kardashian. 2. You must succumb to the onslaught of being on her reality show. 3. Your name is associated with hers…for life. 4. Pointless photos of you will be taken. 5. No one will ever care that you’re an NFL Star. 6. You will have to hire your own Public Relations firm to survive the relationship. 7. Prepare to compromise all ethics in knowing that you’re kissing the same person you saw in the Ray-J sex tape. Yeah, that’s what you’re doing (shrugs).

Rebecca Liddicoat, the future wife of RG3. (SOURCE: Terez

RG3 I’m sure will not entertain any attention she draws from this, and besides, he has a very nice lady by his side,

The Washington Times had a great write up about how the proposal went down:

As per RG3’s mother, Jacqueline:

“As they were walking in, [Robert] started singing the song. I had set up candles – battery-operated candles; I didn’t want to burn the building down – right here in the middle. Her mom and her dad and her two sisters and my family – my husband and [RG3’s] two sisters – were all standing in a circle with a candle in our hand.

“He walked her to the circle. She couldn’t see. We had it dark in here. When they got close to the BU [midfield logo], we all hit our candles and it came on. She was like, ‘What is this?’ And he got on one knee.”

Kim Kardashian, don’t even think about it. This is off season news the Redskins Nation doesn’t want to even think about for any player that wears the Burgundy and Gold, not just RG3


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  • Lisa

    She wasnt hitting on him. She clearly didnt know who he was & was just making conversation. The exec assumed her motives. She’s with Kanye & happy. This story is stupid.