Rant Sports 2012 Offseason Power Rankings: New Orleans Saints Just Miss The Top 10

By Alejandro Aviles

In this year’s Rant Sports 2012 offseason power rankings the New Orleans Saints were ranked 11th I feel that the ranking was very fair and on point considering that the Saints have so much uncertainty with their roster; particularly at the quarterback position. Drew Brees is still not signed at the moment and if and when a deal gets done it will likely go down to the wire. With that said, the Saints 11th overall ranking is a good place for the Saints to be for the offseason rankings.

I think the Saints have a chance to have a great season this year. Despite all of the negative publicity the Saints have gotten this offseason they are still making all of the right moves this season. The Saints recently signed another wide receiver and the defense is looking to be a major upgrade despite Jonathan Vilma’s season long suspension. The Saints are definitely building a roster that should be more than capable of making a deep run into the playoffs, unfortunately Brees has yet to be re-signed and he is the most important piece of the team.

In order for the Saints to maintain their power ranking and possibly move up they are really going to have to come together. The Saints will be without head coach Sean Payton for the entire season and interim head coach Joe Vitt for the first half of the season. The Saints will have to collectively keep a level head as they are to be the most scrutinized team in the NFL for this upcoming season. If the Saints can get Brees signed and play well without Payton they should be fine this season and could be in store for another great season.

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