Ryan Fitzpatrick Rated 24th Best Quarterback by ESPN's Ron Jaworski

By Jeff Sattora

ESPN often has some of the top and most insightful analysts covering a variety of sports and variety of topics.  One of the top analysts in their field is former NFL quarterback, and current ESPN Monday Night Football color commentator, Ron Jaworski.

Jaworski, or “Jaws” as he is often know by, is currently working hard to rank the top 30 quarterbacks in the NFL today, with Buffalo Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick coming in at the 24th slot.

“As I’ve studied him, I’ve really struggled with his inconsistent mechanics. The result: accuracy issues, too many missed opportunities… Many factors go into consistent, week-to-week quarterback play. Mechanics are not talked about enough. Ryan Fitzpatrick is very erratic with both his footwork and throwing motion,” Jaworski said in the ESPN segmant.

While those do seem like very harsh comments, it has not been all negative from Jaws in relation to Fitz.

The former NFL quarterback has had both positive and negative things to say about the current Bills signal-caller, mentioning at times that he likes Fitz’s pluses and that the mechanics are a fixable part of his game.

“Like all quarterbacks in the 20’s on my list, Fitzpatrick has some strengths and some weaknesses,” Jaworski said. “He can be best described as a point guard playing quarterback. He’s at his most efficient as a ball distributor, operating predominantly in spread formations. In fact, only two quarterbacks — Matthew Stafford and Tom Brady — threw more passes from the shotgun than Fitzpatrick. He coordinated a short, quick passing game that placed a premium on run after catch.”

That short passing attack was an effective one for the Buffalo Bills offense, and here’s to hoping they can execute that and more to help Fitzpatrick climb even higher up this list.

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