Who Are The Early Contenders For The 2012 NFL MVP Award?

By Akiva Goldenberg

This past season Aaron Rodgers won the 2011 NFL MVP award, but in 2012 the roster of each team has changed and theoretically anyone can step up to dominate the league this year. Still there are players who will most likely contend for the individual accolade in 2012 and this article will provide a list of those players.

This list does not rank players in order of their probability of winning the award:

1. Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots: As long as he’s healthy the leader of the Patriots will continue to be a contender every year for the MVP award. In 2011 he completed an impressive 65.6% of his passes, threw 39 touchdowns, and lead arguably the most dangerous offense in the NFL.

2. Peyton Manning, Quarterback, Denver Broncos: In my personal opinion Manning is the greatest NFL player ever. He has been cleared by multiple physicians and is already inspiring his teammates to believe they could be Super Bowl contenders. No player understands how to lead a NFL offense better than Manning and he’s going to surprise a lot of unprepared teams in 2012.

3. Aaron Rodgers, Quarterback, Green Bay Packers: Obviously the 2011 NFL MVP should be an early contender for the award the following year. Rodgers has more mobility than the two quarterbacks listed above, and he’s also won as many Super Bowls as Peyton Manning, one.

4. Drew Brees, Quarterback, New Orleans Saints: No player means more to his team than Brees does to the Saints. Since joining the team he’s taken them from a terrible team to a perennial playoff team and led them to a Super Bowl in 2009. Sadly the biggest concern is whether or not the team will re-sign the player, who is said to be very unhappy with the current contract discussions between the Saints management and his agent.

5.  Rob Gronkowski, Tight end, New England Patriots: Some people consider Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson as the most dangerous offensive weapon in the NFL but I beg to differ. Johnson was shut down in the past by Darrelle Revis, while no one has the size and speed to cover a healthy Rob Gronkowski throughout an entire game.

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