Brett Favre Says He Would Pick RG3

By Chris Shelton

When the Indianapolis Colts made Andrew Luck the first overall selection in the NFL draft and the Washington Redskins moved up to take Robert Griffin III, the two’s career path became irrevocably linked. The two will always be measured against the other’s success, the way that LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony were early in their career.

Unfortunately for Anthony, there is no comparison anymore.

Everyone has an opinion on who will have a better career arc. Even Brett Favre.

The All-Time great Quarterback said he would choose RG3 if given the choice in an interview with Dion Sanders on Friday.

“Griffin, he’s smaller, but if I was starting a team, I’d probably of went with RG3 just because, if they can’t protect you, you got to protect yourself,” Favre said.

Favre erred on the side of mobility in his analysis of the two players, which will be a big factor, especially the first few years as their respective teams build the talent base around them.

Griffin is more like Favre in that regard. Favre was an athletic guy in his early in his career. That is not to say that Luck is a statue, because he is not. He is very mobile in fact. But Luck cannot compare to Griffin’s 4.2 sec. in the 40 yard dash speed.

Take Favre’s analysis for what you want because Luck vs Griffin will unfold on the field. That is the great thing about football.

Their place in history will be judged by their accomplishments.

Who will anchor their franchise better? Which player will lead his team to more consistent winning? Which player will win more SuperBowls?

Lofty expectations and heightened pressure abound but such is life for QB’s drafted near the top of the first round. The right guy makes a world of difference. The wrong guy does too but has the wrong type of impact.

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