New Orleans Saints Have Plenty Of Options At Wide Receiver

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The New Orleans Saints have yet to sign their star quarterback Drew Brees, but if and when they do he will not be short of weapons at the wide receiver position. Despite losing wide receiver Robert Meachem to the San Diego Chargers the Saints still have plenty of talent in their wide receiver corps. The Saints were able to re-sign Marques Colston to a multi-year contract; one of their best offseason transactions. Colston will be the number one receiver for the Saints and will carry the offensive load along with tight end Jimmy Graham. The Saints are still looking for their number two wide receiver and it could possibly be Devery Henderson.

Besides Colston and Henderson the Saints have nine other wide receivers currently on the roster; they include: Adrian Arrington, Chris Givens, Kevin Hardy, Lance Moore, Joseph Morgan, Derek Moye, Courtney Roby, Andy Tanner, and Nick Toon. If Henderson is going to be the number two receiver then it seems that the backup receiver position for Henderson as well as Colston is up for grabs. However, the two candidates that likely will get the backup positions are Arrington and Moore. The Saints have great depth at the wide receiver position and while the depth chart is not set in stone it is looking like Colston, Henderson, Arrington, and Moore will be the top wide receivers for the Saints.

The NFL season can be very grueling and if any of these players get injured the Saints have a talented enough roster for one of the younger receivers to come in and step up. Toon seems like he has a good shot to see some playing time for the Saints and if the coaching staff goes deep into their roster he could emerge as the number five receiver. It is quite a luxury for a team to have a talented group of receivers that they can pull from and develop along the course of a season. Furthermore, all of these receivers will eventually get to practice with Brees and a quarterback of Brees’s caliber can certainly make these wide receivers better. It really is a great opportunity for the wide receiver corps of the Saints.

I have offered what I think will be the projected depth chart for the wide receivers but nothing is set in stone and one of the 11 receivers has a chance to emerge into a star. Whatever the case may be, the Saints definitely are not lacking in depth and talent at the wide receiver position.