Contract Talks Going Slowly Between Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts

By J.M. Nicholas

Things are a lot different in the NFL since the adaption of the new rookie wage scale, which was implemented as a part of last year’s Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL owners and the players. In previous seasons, the majority of the incoming NFL rookie class would wait for the number one overall pick of the NFL Draft to sign their contract before continuing with their own negotiations. Once the number one pick was signed, the rest of the first round draft picks would usually fall in line behind, using the first pick’s contract amount as a high-water mark. The rookie wage scale was put into place to keep the contract numbers from continuously inflating year after year, which could eventually cripple a team who had paid high numbers for a Jamarcus Russell-type bust with the number one overall pick.

With all things being put into consideration, the Indianapolis Colts and number one overall draft pick Andrew Luckseem to be taking their time with the rookie quarterback’s first NFL contract. There are rumors of a disagreement between the team and Luck’s agent concerning the rights to Luck’s image and marketing, which is odd when you put in context that the last quarterback in Indianapolis was one of the most marketable and widely recognizable players in sports history. The details are fuzzy and few, but there is no panic that this deal will get done well and soon.

Andrew Luck will get his contract, and there’s little doubt that (even with the rookie wage scale) it will be a grand and promising contract for all involved. The Indianapolis organization is ready to hook their wagon up to this new Colt for years to come, especially considering what they gave up to get him.

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