Culture Change For St. Louis Rams In 2012

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The biggest key for the St. Louis Rams in the coming season (as well as in the years ahead) is changing the culture of the organization. After five seasons with just 15 wins total, the Rams have the worst record during that span of any NFL franchise. New Head Coach Jeff Fisher and his staff need to instill a winning attitude in the locker room early to get this team psychologically prepared to turn the corner.

When a team loses as often as the Rams have in the previous five seasons, the players almost expect that outcome rather than playing with a desire and fight to win each game. What separates the winning teams from those less successful ones is that they hate to lose. In some cases many organizations actually fear losing and play out of that fear to avoid the feeling they despise so much.

For the Rams, in many cases it seemed as if losing became an accepted thing and players became okay with the idea. That may be why the organization decided to turn over more than fifty percent of the roster and move in different directions at several key positions.

Rookies will certainly play a huge role in any potential resurrection that the Rams’ franchise undergoes in 2012. The club selected five players in the top 50 of the NFL Draft, all of whom are expected to make immediate contributions in some form or fashion.

As much as on-field talent and football acumen mean to success in the league, the mental side of the game and believing in oneself goes a long way in determining wins and losses at the end of the day. With a new regime in power and the roster filled with fresh faces, the Rams appear poised to leap over that mental hurdle and find themselves back in contention during the coming season.