Tennessee’s Pass Rush on the Clock to get Better with Kamerion Wimbley

By Stephanie Umek

I highly doubt that the Tennessee Titans were thrilled at being ranked the second WORST team in the NFL in sacks last season. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again yes the offense could use a little work but it’s mainly the defense that is struggling. The Titans only recorded 28 sacks last season.

There are a combination of numerous things that have already factored into the fact that the defense will be better this season, after signing a few young guns from the draft, the Titans also gave linebacker Kamerion Wimbley a hefty little five-year $35-million deal with $13.5 guaranteed.  Wimbley is doing everything he can to prove to the team that he wants to get better.

His most recent stunt is competing in a reality TV challenge to be crowed the “American Ninja Warrior”. This is a reality show that airs on the G4 channel, that I for one am not familiar with but it seems to be an eye catcher. The show is based on an obstacle course that tests balance, agility, leaping ability and grip strength. All things that a good linebacker needs to be able to do in order to successfully complete a sack.

He’s making it so far and will compete next week in the regional round of the competition considering his preliminaries went extremely well.

He devoured slanted walls that were spaced two-and-a-half feet apart and then crossed a series of bungee cords. After that he hopped onto a giant fake log as it slide down a zip line and jumped 11 feet to a cargo net with help from a trampoline. After he was done with all of that? He swung back and forth to cross a series of giant rings and then ifted a series of wall-like barriers vertically and scaled a 14-foot “warped” wall.

He completed the challenges in one minute and 30 seconds. Pretty impressive to me. You have to be a Ninja Warrior to be able to so all of that in that short amount of time. He competes again tonight to see if he will advance to the National Competition in Las Vegas to face the biggest challenge of the course yet, Mount Midoriyama.

To me this is something that is a good test of adrenaline and ability. It has all of the skills he needs to use on the field but in a different situation. It is a good way to not only challenge himself but be able to train differently and get back to the offseason program with a different mindset.

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