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Maurice Jones-Drew Thinks Breaking Career Rushing Record ‘Doable’

The Jacksonville Jaguars may be skeptical about the longevity of Maurice Jones-Drew‘s NFL career, but he has high aspirations for the rest of his time on the football field.

Jones-Drew, who is currently involved in a highly publicized holdout over his desire to sign a new contract, said that he believes that breaking the NFL’s career rushing yard record currently held by former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith is possible.

“I think it’s doable.  I definitely think it’s doable,” Jones-Drew told 102.3 The Ticket in Denver. “Emmitt Smith was in a different situation than a lot of us, though. I mean, he had a Hall of Fame receiver, Hall of Fame quarterback, Hall of Fame offensive line, Hall of Fame fullback.  Whoever put that team together did a heck of a job, and it just showed.”

Jones-Drew has not been surrounded by even remotely the same amount of talent that Smith was in Dallas, but he has still managed to put up equally impressive numbers as the Jaguars featured rusher. His production, despite being the only viable option for the Jaguars on offense, may be the primary reason he feels he is due a new contract.

While Jones-Drew still has a long way to climb up the career rushing yards list before he is even in the same neighborhood as Smith, breaking his record will be even harder if he chooses to voluntarily miss games during the prime of his career. Jones-Drew currently ranks 55th on the career rushing yards list with 6,854 yards, meaning he is 11,502 yards behind Smith for the most career rushing yards.

In this new era of the NFL in which running backs seem to be easily replaced, I do not anticipate Jones-Drew being able to play long enough to have a shot at passing Smith.