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NFL Rumors: Drew Brees May Have Known About The New Orleans Saints’ Bounty Program

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been denying ever knowing about any bounty program going on within the organization since the Saints’ bounty scandal broke. However, recently there has been speculation that Brees may have in fact known about the bounty program the whole time and has just been denying it to save face. Brees for the most part is one of the “squeaky-clean” guys in theNFL and has earned a reputation as one of the most respected players in the league. For all of these reasons it would make complete sense that Brees would deny any knowledge of the Saints’ bounty program; he has to maintain his reputation.

There could be some truth to this rumor, as I would find it very hard to believe that the Saints’ best player was unaware of a bounty program that was going on from 2009-2011. Also, there has been some evidence to prove the bounty scandal, such as, the now infamous Greg Williams tapes and a ledger that was kept to keep track of bounties. Some might argue that this evidence is lacking or measly but it is something that is substantial. Furthermore, I do not think the NFL would go through so much trouble as doing an ongoing investigation to have a smear campaign against the Saints.

Furthermore, Brees has taken a hard stance saying that he never knew of a bounty program and insists that it never existed in the organization. I would argue that if Brees could know that a bounty program was going on but could just easily turn the other cheek. Brees has not addressed the bounty issue that much but when he has he has always been denying it or claiming he was unaware. If the Saints truly have nothing to hide then Brees would not need to deny any knowledge of the scandal, and just let the NFL do their investigation. It just seems that Brees is going too much on the defensive when he should not have to if there is nothing to hide. However, If Brees did know about the bounty scandal I do not think it does much to tarnish his image.

Brees is still a very likable person; he is a great family man and terrific role model. Brees is the type of athlete that we should all aspire to be. For as great as he is on the field he is just as great off the field as he has various fundraising campaigns for great causes. I think that if it comes out that Brees knew about the bounty program than it will definitely be shocking but something that people will eventually forget. As far as we know Brees was not an active participant, he just may have known about the bounty program. If Brees did know about the bounty program I think that will eventually be confirmed but in the long run it will not hurt his image.

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