NFL Rumors: Tramon Williams' Career Could be in Jeopardy

By Emmanual Benton

Green Bay Packers cornerback, Tramon Williams suffered a shoulder injury in last year’s season opener. The 6th year DB said in a recent interview that test conducted early June showed slow progression and recovery of strength in his right shoulder. Williams says his shoulder is at about 50%, though it is an improvement from where he was much of last season. However, he’s been resting since mid-January and it’s still not healed, which is concerning. His future is cloudy, as there’s potential nerve damage in his shoulder. “You don’t want to mess with nerve damage, I’ll just say that,” Williams said.

“Physically, the condition my shoulder was in, my whole body was out of sync. I wasn’t really moving like I usually do. If you watch film closely, when I’m running, I’m kind of carrying my shoulder with me. I’m carrying my shoulder with me and I’ve got to watch what I do,” Williams expressed.

With potential nerve damage, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the Peyton Manning neck injury. Waiting for a nerve to regenerate is a tedious process, and involving yourself in a physical activity such as the beast – football is dangerous. Tramon understands the risk, but hopes the rehabilitation and rest helps him regain his strength. As Williams said, nerve damage is not something you want to mess with.

Tramon is focusing on his health first so he can get back to his old form on the football field. Being physical is key in Tramon’s playing style. The Green Bay Packers are hopeful that Tramon will be able to fully recover, as he is an important piece to their secondary.

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