NFL Rumors: Matt Forte to possibly sit out the whole of Chicago Bears training camp

The Matt Forte versus Chicago Bears contract dispute rumbles on, this time Forte saying he may miss training camp, but does not foresee missing any regular season games.

Sources close to the situation suggest that Matt Forte is seeking LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles, or Arian Foster of the Houston Texans type of money, not Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings type of money that has been previously suggested. It is clear Forte has one shot at getting the contract he needs, seeking a 3rd NFL contract for running backs over the age of 30, as forte would be at the end of whatever multi-year contract he signs, rarely reach the sort of numbers he is currently seeking in a modern eat-um up and spit-um out NFL.

This would seem to be the sticking point. Rumours have been rife all offseason that the Chicago Bears value Matt Forte at around $14-15 million in guaranteed money, Matt Forte as stated is seeking more towards $18-20 million in guaranteed money, and has already publically slated the Chicago Bears move to “pay” Michael Bush, acquired from the Oakland Raiders via free agency first, before completing the contract discussion he was having with front office.

With no rumours of the Bears shopping Forte on the trade market, and sources close to the situation saying that contract negotiations are “progressing”, but by no means close to a resolution, it could very well be week 1 against the Indianapolis Colts, that Bears fans actually see the star running back on the field in Bears colours.

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  • Pete

    This is an example of what is wrong with the media these days. Forte never said that he wouldn’t miss any of the regular season games. He actually said that there was only a slight chance that he would miss every game, the entire season. His last date to sign and play in 2012 is 11/13/12.

    Numerous reporters spoke with Forte at a recent event in Chicago last week. Yet, with all of the video recordings and taped quotes, not one of these reports had Forte suggesting that he was guaranteeing to play on week 1. There were numerous examples of Forte clarifying related questions to address whether he would play the entire season, though.

    Even if a reporter believes sincerely that it makes no sense for Forte to miss any regular season games, even if a reporter files his stories as a Bears’ fan first and journalist a distant second, it doesn’t excuse filling in the reporter’s own words and claiming it to be a Matt Forte quote.

    Likewise, it doesn’t make a point or idea legitimate or truthful by simply including it in a section labeled NFL rumors.

    Disagree with this comment?? Then, come up with the tape of Forte actually guaranteeing that he will play in week 1, in his own words.

  • alibud69

    Hi Pete

    I am a fan of any critique of my work, as long as constructive which yours clearly is, however the reason this article resides in a rumor section is because it is just that, I would point out that at no point do I actually guarantee Matt Forte will play week 1:

    “it could very well be week 1 against the Indianapolis Colts, that Bears fans actually see the star running back on the field in Bears colours”

    By no means a concrete statement asserting a 100% guarantee, a best guess based on the imformation avaliable.

    In sum I will provide the tape you desire when you point to the part of the article where I guarantee Forte will play week 1 of the season?

  • Pete

    Point well taken.

    After a careful reading of the exact words of your rant, you are absolutely correct. My bad.

    Forte would be a fool to sign his franchise tender without a guarantee of no-tag in ’13, though. Lance Briggs demanded this in ’07, and signed a long term deal after the season.

    Trying to predict Forte’s end game scenario, this still seems to be my “best guess”. He’s close friends with Briggs, so is aware of the possibility. It’s hard for me to see him unilaterally giving up right before week 1, if sitting out training camp. Forte isn’t the type to sit out camp just to avoid the activity, aka Favre at the end of his career.

    If Bears give Forte no-tag clause now, he’s back before training camp, and it’s win-win for both Bears and Forte.