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Forte’s Contract Dispute and Urlacher Talks

News on the Chicago Bears has been slow as of late, but here’s the latest news on Matt Forte’s contract dispute and Brian Urlacher talks.

To start off with … what’s the latest on Matt Forte’s contract dispute with the Chicago Bears? There hasn’t been much news for a while, but Forte has spoken and said their has been progress in a long-term deal. That doesn’t mean much as Forte and the Bears were far off. So, the Bears and Forte could still be far away. But we just can’t tell how close Forte is to a long-term deal with the Bears. I know all the fans, just like the front office wants a long-term deal to be hammered out. Forte may hold out of Training Camp, but is ‘optimistic’ that a long-term deal will be reached and he won’t miss preseason or the start of the 2012 season. I keep going back and fourth on if Forte will sign a long-term contract, but now I say a deal will be reached.

Forte said he will not miss any games and if he has to sign the franchise tag, it would pay him 7.749 million. The Bears have until July 16th to sign Forte to a long-term deal.

Brian Urlacher joined Waddle and Silvy today and talked about all Bears related topics. First off, Urlacher said he will be ready on the first day of training camp which starts July 26th. Urlacher still wants to play 2-3 years and does not think the Bears will address his contract until after the season. So, Urlacher will become a free agent after the upcoming season. The best news out of the interview was Urlacher will not play for the Green Bay Packers after he was asked if he would.

Getting back to Forte, Urlacher said he does not see Forte missing any games, but didn’t sound sure if he’ll be at camp.

That’s the latest from a slow period in football.