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NFL Rumors: Could the Houston Texans Trade Ben Tate?

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Ben Tate certainly proved himself last year. The former second round pick missed all of his first year due to injury, Tate exploded on the scene with almost 1,000 yards rushing, being the primary backup to Arian Foster. The Houston Texans were up against the salary cap and let Mario Williams go and traded DeMeco Ryans. With guys like Matt Schaub needing a new contract, could they trade Tate at a time when his value is probably at its highest?

There have been other reports in the past about Tate possibly being on the block. Teams like the Green Bay Packers, San Diego Chargers, and the New York Jets could use an upgrade at the running back position over what they currently have. Even the Pittsburgh Steelers could jump in with questions regarding the health of Rashard Mendenhall coming off knee surgery.

There’s no question that Tate has some serious talent. You don’t run for almost 1,000 yards as a backup or be a second round pick in the draft if you’re not a good player. They do have Justin Forsett and other rookies on the roster to fill that backup void, or could even dip into the free agent market to fill the void. Sometimes the best thing to do when running a team is maximizing your assets at the right time. In this case, the right time may to do that may be right now with Ben Tate.

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