Washington Redskins : Defense Will Need To Step Up

Washington Redskins Defensive Back Kevin Barnes is right: The defense will have to step up to help Robert Griffin III.

He was quoted today on the Redskins website saying, “I want to produce turnovers, to give the offense short field to help our rookie quarterback out…He’s going to go through his growing pains, so the defense has to help him out.”

Last season, Barnes played in a career-high 15 games and picked off two passes.

This is obvious, and until the Washington Redskins get on the field for the preseason, no one will truly know if RG III even knows what growing pains are.

Last season the defense had 13 interceptions for 118 yards. In 2010, they had 8 for 186 yards.

However, to think defense for a moment, their moves should focus on ball position. One of the biggest problems the Redskins have had in the past couple of years has involved making the play in the red zone. The defense this year needs to provide as many opportunities for RG III and company to attack the end zone and suffocate the opposing defense. That can’t happen if our defense can’t hold them.

This will also give our offensive line a chance to show that they can hold the line for Robert to make a play. Otherwise you watch in horror as he scrambles to make something out of nothing–And that’s bad for any quarterback.   In the end, everything is a matter of checks and balances: If the offensive line does their job, the defensive line will have enough rest on the side to do theirs.  Let’s toast to ball control and time management this season.