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Will Former Packer Mark Tauscher Become A NFL Broadcaster?

Former Green Bay Packers right tackle Mark Tauscher attended the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp at NFL Films’ headquarters in Mount Laurel, NJ last week.

Tauscher was so impressive in his work that he will get an opportunity at some point this season to work on-air for one of the NFL’s broadcast partners in the United Kingdom. Basically, it will be similar to the pre-game shows on FOX and CBS. Tauscher will preview and analyze games while also giving his personal opinion by using his expertise from his playing days with the Packers.

“It will be like FOX NFL Sunday for Britain,” Tauscher said. “That’s the way it was described to me.”

Tauscher will work the NFL Network’s Thursday night game and then will be on board to analyze the games on Sunday. Fans in England will be lucky to watch the former Packer work and give insight to the game of football, as he is a very intelligent person.

Depending on how well Tauscher does overseas there seems to be a good chance he will get to do some work in the United States. I could definitely see him doing some sort of pre-game show with the NFL Network or even some analytical shows that break down games during the week.

The Broadcast Boot Camp is a four-day event that gives former players who want to continue a career in football some insight into the career of broadcasting. Networks associated with the NFL are not going to put just anybody in front of the camera, they want to make sure the person can handle themselves under pressure and be quick on their feet when it comes to answering questions. The NFL films employees introduce the attendants to game analysis, on-field reporting, and any other studio job they may have to do. They also give the former players a feel for what it is like to work with a teleprompter.

“They tried to hit all the mediums and get you exposed to some things to see how you reacted and maybe what you thought your strengths were,” Tauscher said. “You also got some feedback from executives to let you know what their thoughts were and the things you needed to improve on.”

Many players who retire from the NFL struggle to find a second career once their playing days are over. That is why it is common to see so many of them going into broadcasting because at least then they still feel a part of the game. Not to mention, a lot of these former players are very good at pre-game shows because they are so knowledgeable of the game. In fact, sometimes they are too knowledgeable, which is why the instructors from FOX, CBS, and ESPN teach them to get rid of the complicated football jargon when talking.

Broadcasting is similar to playing football in the sense that they only way to get better is to take more repitions in front of the camera. The more times the players talk in front of the camera, the less they are going to notice it, which will then allow them to be themselves.

“They said you’re not going to get any better by not doing it,” he said. “You have to get in front of a camera and you have to get as much experience as you can find, because that’s the only way you’re going to get better at it. If you’re not taking reps and doing stuff, you’re probably not improving.”

It will be interesting to see what comes from all of this but I am confident Tauscher will do great overseas and hopefully we will get to see him on the national stage soon enough.

resting to see what comes from all of this but I am confident Tauscher will do great overseas, and hopefully we will get to see him on the national stage soon enough.