Woman Claims to Have Nude Photos and Video of Terrell Owens From Skype

By Dan Parzych

Terrell Owens hasn’t been able to catch a break over the last couple of months between his release from the IFL and his appearance on Dr. Phil in which he was ripped as a father for failing to provide the mother of his children with financial support. Now, it appears Owens may have another incident to worry about while trying to find a new home for the 2012 season–the possibility of nude photos of the wideout being leaked on the internet.

A 27-year-old woman claims to have some very explicit photos and a brief video of Owens–including some in which he’s actually playing with himself–that were taken during a Skype session after the two met on Twitter. Apparently, the woman is trying to sell these photos and video to get back at Owens after he started to ignore her on Skype following the session–so it seems like revenge is obviously playing a factor here.

“He was getting back with his girlfriend and sent a few replies like, ‘Who is this? I don’t know you,'” the woman said during an interview with a Philadelphia newspaper. “The money is a bonus, but he needs to know not to do stuff like this.”

So how did Owens respond when the newspaper reached out to Owens?

“It’s obvious that she has nothing because it’s illegal with what she’s trying to do or otherwise TMZ would have bought the photos,” Owens said.

Obviously, this could easily be one of those situations where someone is trying to make a quick buck over a lie–so there’s no reason to jump to conclusion just yet as to whether or not this woman is telling the truth. Either way, this is just another classic incident for the controversial wideout to deal with as he continues to look for a way to extend his NFL career.

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