New York Giant Chris Canty Compares Teammate to Reggie White

New York Giant Chris Canty has been known to have some strong opinons and make predictions. On the day of the Super Bowl he tweeted out what the final score would be. He’s been oustpoken throughout his time here. Now you can add what he said about Jason Pierre-Paul. Canty said that he can be the next Reggie White.

Canty said this in an interview with ESPN 98.7 in New York:


“It is no question in my mind,” the Giants defensive tackle said on ESPN New York 98.7. “JPP’s ability to play any position along the defensive front is what makes him tremendously special. He can play the shade, the two technique, the three technique … he can do it all … anything you want him to do along the defensive front, he can do.” 


“There is really nobody in the league right now that you can compare him to,” Canty said. “The only person that kind of sticks out where you can compare him to — and I can’t believe I am saying this — but he reminds me a lot of Reggie White. His ability to play all those different positions and to impact the football game the way he does, he is an unbelievable talent.” 

Is Canty that far-fetched? This is probably too early to tell. JPP is going to his third season. I have been on record saying it is possible for him to break the sack record, not only because of his talent, but the talent around him. JPP is a special talent along the defensive line. At the time of the draft I wanted them to draft Dez Bryant instead but so far it looks like JPP is a lot better. We’ll see how it goes but its possible Canty may be right.

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