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NFL Kickoff Time Changes

The NFL is making a slight tweak in the way that we all watch football on Sundays. For games that are a part of doubleheaders, the late game kickoff will be moved from 4:15 to 4:25 as to not overlap with the earlier games. Here’s part of the NFL release as to why they are making this change:


“In researching the kickoff time shift, the NFL analyzed games from the 2009-11 seasons and found that 44 games required part of the audience to be switched to a mandatory doubleheader game kickoff,” a release from the league reads. “With a 4:25 PM ET kickoff time, that number that would have been reduced by 66 percent to only 15 games.

Honestly, every NFL fan that doesn’t go to a bar or have DIRECTV should love this move. How many times does your local game end and you get bonus coverage of a really close game and all of a sudden, you get taken to a commercial break five minutes before kickoff? Now, you have an opportunity to see the end of that game and then be taken to your game.

I applaud this move by the NFL. It’s a chance to give the fans what they want; more of the game and less commercials. I would say the networks may not be happy about it just because it cuts into their postgame coverage a little bit, but I’m sure more eyeballs on games is better.