NFL Moves Afternoon Games Back: What to do With the Extra 10 Minutes

By David LaRose

The NFL announced today that they are moving the afternoon double-header games back 10 minutes in order to avoid overlap from the early games. All of the back-half games of the double headers, on either CBS or FOX, will now start at 4:25 Eastern Time instead of the traditional 4:15.

This move was made specifically in order to prevent the overlap of the early games running into the later games. Last season there were 44 instances where networks had to switch from a nationally broadcasted early game to a local team’s game. For example the Denver Broncos play all of their home games during the afternoon slot, if they aren’t prime time games, and the networks often have to switch from a game being played on the east coast to show the start of Denver’s game.

Now that the move is official, what is there to do with all that extra time between games?

Well I’ve compiled a list of activities that you can do to kill the time:

-The most obvious thing that most people will do is fiddle one last time with their fantasy football lineup. Fantasy football has been the life of most Americans on Sundays during the fall and one can never tinker with a line-up too much. Most of the fantasy leagues allow players to switch lineups right up to kickoff so watching the last minutes of the early games and deciding if there is a need for extra points will now be easier to decide and less stressful. Also if a late game players is a last minute scratch you have some extra time to find his replacement.

-More time to make a quick meal. After having your early game meal three hours earlier, you now feel that emptiness in your stomach creep back in. Solution? Use the 10 minutes to pop in a frozen pizza or chicken wings to make sure it’s finished right around game time. There is also extra minutes to run out to the deck and cook up a few more hot dogs and hamburgers. Just make sure all the ingredients are out and available or you’ll miss the opening kickoff touchback.

-For those fans that will actually attend the game in person there is plenty of time to knock back some frosty beverages at the tailgate in order to save some money. The in-game alcohol sales have gotten very expensive so many fans have resorted to drinking outside the stadium and hoping their buzz lasts throughout the game. At Rant we encourage responsible drinking but saving those hard earned dollars is often more important to those fans. So get out there and play one more quick game of corn hole!

-Pay attention to the family/significant other. NFL fans are often in a zone on game day and don’t like to socialize with others, especially if their team is in action. What better way to get your face time in while in between games? The wife/girlfriend will be happy and won’t continue to badger you while the late games are on and that’s a relief. May get some grief for this but it’s true!

-Take one last look at Rant Sports to get updates on any of the happenings around the sports world!

Any other suggestions? Let us know what you plan on doing with the extra time!

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